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Haha...you now know what a true vacation is!

Oh yes, I took my kids on a business trip like that last summer...It was worth it to escape the heat for 3 weeks but man, I was exhausted!

That's the coolest story ever! (about the RVing family that is, not the undocumented vacation, sorry 'bout that one; guessing there are no pictures of Vinny's inaugural trip and the endless occasions he might have had to "bolt?").

So how'd you find out about the Sorenti-Burns and their available house? We have long been avoiding the Cape (simply because it seems like "the" place to go) but I think our time is drawing nigh. With two young kids, I can better understand why the Cape is THE place to go when you're a Mass-native. Any recommendations about which part of the Cape to go to and when/how to find a rental?

Thank you for the mention for our blog! Yes, we did rent the house kind of like burning the boats when landing ashore, no way to turn back. Thanks for the nice comments on our house too, it really makes me miss it when you mention it in your post.

BTW, the house is not rented in September yet :-)

I also have plenty of house photos if you would like me to email them to you! :-)

Pics or it didn't happen, hahaha. Wow, that's a shame. You should have taken a souvenir picture of it. But I understand. I guess you're just overwhelmed by the grandeur of the house. Maybe next time you'll be able to take pictures.

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